Saltite - Himalayan Salt Adhesive

The perfect adhesive has finally arrived

Only for $28.99


  • Transparent
  • Fast acting
  • Primerless adhesion
  • NaCl safe formula


Part Number: PSW-10819

Solvent-free adhesive designed for connecting salt blocks to build salt room and salt walls.

Uses & Benefits:

  • Build your own salt wall without any mess.
  • Specifically custom-made sealant for Himalayan salt bricks.
  • Using regular glue can react with salt and result in backlight not being able to pass through the bricks.
  • Transparent Saltite makes it preferable to white materials.
  • Acts and dries relatively fast.
  • No chemically induced side effects on your salt bricks.
  • Can be used to repair your Himalayan salt products.